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Rafael completed a successful trial of their all-in-one Spyder advanced air defense system.

The SPYDER offers comprehensive air defense solutions, covering various threats. The recent unveiling of the All-in-One configuration is a game-changer, consolidating #radar, electro-optical payload, command and control systems, Python, and Derby #interceptors, all on a single vehicle.

We are proud to support this project along with others with our Titan3G 1800W, Titan4G 2000W, and Titan 4G 3500W power supplies – each providing the best performance for the specific needs of the system it supports.

Our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch power solutions stems from our understanding that reliable and efficient energy is the backbone of these advanced defense systems. We are honored to contribute to the All-in-One SPYDER system’s success and showcase how our products are powering innovation in defense.