The industrial field raises a varied and demanding series of challenges for power system designers. We focus on custom solutions to serve this market. Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of OEMs requirements (form, feet, function). Whenever standard products can not support those needs, we are able to offer custom solution. We design manufacture & produce the power supplies to meet your industrial automation application needs.


Oil and gas production sites are among the harshest and most demanding environments in the power supply industry. Oil and gas applications depends on a stable and reliable power source that is absolutely critical. Power failures or even slight disruption in the power supply can have severe consequences. Our products offer a variety of solutions for the oil and gas energy industry.


Horizon Electronics manufactures a wide range of High-performance, rugged, long-lasting products for the telecommunications industry. Our power systems are rugged and reliable. We are able to meet your specific requirements for voltage (input or output) current, efficiency, temperature, humidity, emissions and vibration.


✓ Telecommunications

✓ Cable Television

✓ Data Centers

✓ Satellite Communications


Alternative Energy includes solar, wind, water and more. The main issue with alternative energy generation is that output is not constant. Solar panel outputs change throughout time of the day, weather and time of the year. Wind generator outputs change according to the strength and direction of the wind, and water generator outputs vary with the flow and pressure. We design and manufacture reliable power supplies for alternative energy applications that comply to the high safety standards required in all disciplines of power plants technologies.


✓ Solar Power

✓ Off Grid Systems

✓ Remote Locations

✓ Renewable Energy