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Get the versatility you need to power your harsh environment applications Powerful Performance. Effortless Flexibility. Simple Integration.

Product Description:

Titan 4GW 2,000 AC/DC is a DC power supply & battery charger with nominal output of 28 VDC / 72 Amp.(total), with its reliable construction and electronics, is best suited for harsh environmental conditions. Its waterproof housing, high performance and superb reliability make the Titan 4G the ideal DC power source for use in vehicles, naval, open air applications and many others. The Titan 4G products can be tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Output voltage28 VDC Nominal  
Output current72A Continuous 
  80A Short term (4 Sec) 
  90A Advice Manufacturer
Output power2,000WContinuous 
  2,200WShort term (5 min.) 
  2,500WAdvice Manufacturer
Output ripple90 mVpp   
Input voltage85-264VAC   
Main frequency50-60Hzat 230Vac 
  50-60, 400Hzat 115Vac 
AC Input current21A / 10Aat 115 / 230Vac at 72A
Power factor0.99 / 0.96at 115 / 230Vac 
AC Inrush current69 / 99Aat 115 / 230Vac 
Efficiency85 / 88 %at 115 / 230Vac at 72A
Temp. range-40◦C to +60◦C Operational 
Derating34W/◦Cat 230Vac: +55◦C to +80◦C
  21W/◦Cat 115Vac: +50◦C to +60◦C
  See derating graphs  
Hold-up time50 / 50 msat 115 / 230Vac 
Dimensions283x193x478mm  WxHxD
Weight 20Kg / 44lbs 
Titan Xth Output Output Type  Type  Specific
Generation Power (kW)Voltage of of Module
Series Continuous(Vdc) AccessoryAccessory 
T4G 01D2 28, 48 CN: MatingOT: OutputOther
  01D6 28       Connector  
  02D0 28, 48      




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